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T4 MVC Generator
A customizable t4 Templates based - persistence framework independent - code generator for Microsoft .Net MVC (e.g. Repository/NHIbernate based projects).

T4 MVC Generator is a custom t4 Templates based code generator for Microsoft .Net MVC (e.g. Repository Based/ Custom Data Access based).

While the regular built-in code generation capability of Visual Studio is sufficiently capable of generating MVC code for us, sometimes overriding the existing templates becomes a bit difficult (particularly when your Application uses different Persistence technology other than Entity Framework).

There are some good alternatives available to generate custom Repository based code generations like StevenSanderson's mvcscaffolding is a very powerful tool. However, this tool can be executed from command line.

T4 MVC Generator gives us a GUI to generate code using customizable t4 templates with least of dependency on specific Persistence Framework.

The idea behind T4 MVC Generator is simple, we try to read the database and provide processed & serialized information to t4 templates so as to reduce any framework or database related dependency in t4 template. Our templates should be able to use our "Table" "Column" and "IModel" to simply pick up the properties and generate code without bothering about conversion of types, verifying Primary/Foreign key etc. Thus we should be able to write our templates independent of any persistence technology.

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